20 More Stories That Will Heal Your Soul, Ignite Your Passion And Inspire Your Divine Purpose” Africa Edition is a collection of personal short stories from 20 more authors, speakers, and life coaches from all over the world who are bonding together for the common goal of sisterhood and to transform women from the inside-out. best-selling author Saba Tekle with Lelanie Basson has compiled these stories from women who live, have lived, or is connect to Africa and who have experienced devastating circumstances, loss, and disappointments. What connects them all is that they had the strength to heal, find their purpose through their pain, and now passionately help others in the areas of self-love, grief, culture, gender equality, education, career, spirituality, relationships, finances, and forgiveness.

Many of these stories, told here for the very first time, will empower you to make profound changes in your life, heal down to your soul, find your passion, and live your divine purpose now.

Here you will find stories you can connect with, learn from, cry with, and grow from. It’s a must read for anyone desiring connection with other real women and true transformation.

Sample Chapter – R.I.C.H. Is Not A Four-Letter Word

It was the start of another typical afternoon at home after school, which ended with me lying on the floor… My heart was pounding in my ears as I was trying not to breathe so I wouldn’t be heard. Not that they would have heard me if I breathed; I was just nervous. I was in my parent’s bedroom hiding behind the bed. It was unmade, and the lilac bedspread was half off the foot of the bed creating a little bit of cover where I could look through without them seeing me. They were cupping their faces to the window to cut out the glare as they peered inside.
Who were these people?
We had some simple rules in our house…
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