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Weight loss

NO – I’ve not lost weight

So recently people have been asking me if I’ve lost weight. They’re convinced that they’re seeing a smaller version of me 🙂 I’ve told them my trick – yet they don’t believe me.

The truth is, I haven’t lost any weight at all (at least, not according to my scale, the bitch!). My trick is ever so simple, requires absolutely no diets or working out. My solution, my optical illusion, is simply this: buy the next size up.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating being unhealthy! But neither do I think that squeezing ourselves into a particular size, and getting pissed off when it doesn’t fit, is a particularly healthy practice either.

I happen to know someone who works in the fashion trade, and he told me that when a garment needs to come in at a certain price point, the first thing they do is pull in the shoulder seams, maybe the side seams… make it shorter – whatever it takes to use less fabric to bring the garment in at a certain cost. This however, also means that a size 14 is no longer a proper size 14, and if I get all twisted that I now need a size 16 to feel comfortable, then I’m not the winner in the situation.

Furthermore, just because I can GET INTO a size 14, doesn’t mean it’s the right size! If I’m looking like a sausage in my jeans, then they’re too tight! Worse, if they “sny koek”, as they might say in Afrikaans. Likewise pencil skirts that follow under the butt, crease in the groin and bunch in the lower back.


Buying “a size” and then asking “do these jeans make me look fat”…. YES, because it’s the wrong size.

I’m sick and tired of people thinking they are their dress size. Seriously, when I look at you, I look at YOU. I’m not looking at the label inside your clothing to see what size it is! If you want people to know you by a number, maybe wear a sport shirt… one where the player’s number is on the back (soccer, rugby, cricket, football, baseball, basketball, hockey etc).

Personally, if I went that route though……… I wouldn’t put my dress size, or my shoe size on my back – I’d put my IQ!