Financial Freedom in South Africa

It’s Spring 2017

I love the fact that I can work from home. Ok, I’ll admit it has it’s challenges, not least of which being 1 of my 4 cats who loves to park off between me and my keyboard. But I can take a break in my garden when I choose, deal with things as they arise and enjoy the sanctuary that is my home.

 I purchased a birdfeeder as a Christmas present for the house last year, and the birds are totally loving it. Needless to say, the cats also enjoy the “birdie TV” set up in the front yard. Pity that the apricot tree is dying… so I’m thinking about getting either a jasmine or a wisteria to grow next to it, so it can use the tree for support.


I’ve already put out 9 of the 10 bags of compost in the garden. the last one I’ll spread in the back yard. I’ve prepared the pavement garden, and look forward to it coming into it’s own soon. I’ve rearranged much of the front garden, and it’s looking a little sorry for itself as a result (I had to split the canna lilies). But give it a month or 2 and this bare period will be but a memory 🙂