Stats of Network Marketing world-wide.

The network marketing industry is a $178 000 000 000 per year industry (that’s more than the:

  1. National Football League ($9.5b),
  2. Video Games ($67b),
  3. Worldwide music industry ($16.5b), and
  4. movie ($80b)

industries COMBINED!!!).

Direct Sales did $178b in 2013. This is up 8.1% from 2012. $34.5b was in the USA alone (up 5.5% from 2013).

Someone joins a network marketing company every 10 seconds.

The typical 40 Year Plan (a.k.a. 1 job in your lifetime) is HISTORY with the average person going through 7 career changes in a lifetime.

Every week, more than 55,000 people in the USA sign up as network marketers (150,000 per week globally) .

Average cost to start a Network Marketing business: under $500.

Industries that have created the most millionaires:

  1. Real Estate (Property)
  2. Network Marketing