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Find Your Fashion

I’m launching a new speaking topic (and website) called Find your Fashion. There’s 3 angles to this:

  1. Understanding which colour family suits you best, and changing all items in your wardrobe into that 1
  2. Capsule Wardrobe – with every item in your wardrobe belonging to a single colour family, everything will go with everything else, so you’ll be able to mix and match more items even with less in your wardrobe
  3. Shop each others wardrobe – once you’ve cleared out all the “wrong” items in your wardrode, and kept them elsewhere for at least 6 months (there’s a good chance you’ll want to go digging during that time), pass those items on to someone else who can use them (why should we send good clothing to landfill?)

so watch this space – I’ll let you know once the website is has content and gets launched.

Hue Tint Tone Shade